Our gallery is more than enough to introduce you to Sapa Vietnam – the trekking pears of the east. You will join a world of beauty, natural surroundings, old traditions and stunning landscapes. Meet the people and explore a local culture that you are less likely to be aware of. Discover ancient traditions and a lifestyle that everyone in the area embraces – no fancy stuff, but back to the origins. This is the optimal way to recharge your batteries in no time.



Sapa Vietnam is all about nature. It is one of the most attractive trekking places in the entire world. Once there, you will be surrounded by green carpets of grass, rice fields, terraces, crystal clear waters, amazing views over miles, unique wildlife and plants that you have never heard about. It is a natural environment that cannot wait to be explored. Once in there, you will emerge into a new world and become part of the nature – you will simply go back to the basics.

But apart from all these, people represent the element that make Sapa Vietnam such a beautiful gem. You will meet people from various minorities who are friendly and welcoming. You will see their traditions and old fashioned ideas. Discover how they hunt, eat and live in a way that has not changed over hundreds of years. To some, Sapa Vietnam is all about the nature. To others, it is about going back in time.