What to keep in mind when coming to Sapa

Sapa hosts the highest peak in Vietnam – Fan Si Pan. Often with its peak into the clouds, the mountain is 10,311 feet above the sea level. When mixed with the surrounding terraces, valley walls and rice paddles, it makes one of the most attractive trekking ideas in the entire country. There are a few ethnic minorities in the area. They get along with tourists quite well, especially since the area is a main attraction for trekking enthusiasts for over 100 years.

The town was originally developed and built by the French. It was a holiday resort for those living in the area – a great escape from the crowded and hot Hanoi. However, Vietnamese rebels pushes colonists away from Sapa during the 1940s. The French did not want to leave the town in such a good condition, so they bombed it before leaving. It was nothing but ruins for around half a century. It was rebuilt in the 1950s and some developments are still ongoing. Today, it is one of the main attractions in Vietnam.


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